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What do hotel guests demand? A fast internet connection!

What do as a hotelier demand? A safe and reliable connection! 

…..So what do we deliver? The best network you can imagine!

Web Solutions


Lightspeed WiFi

Our aim is to fulfill guest’s expectation for fast and reliable internet connectivity throughout your property. With an abundance of WiFi experience and developing processes, we can tailor quick and modern solutions for each WiFi network platform.

Personal Hotspot

Personal Hotspot is the new generation of providing internet to your guests. We offer a great allround platform giving guests the best rated internet performance during their hotel stay. Besides faster and more stable internet performance, the Personal Hotspot solution offers high security for both guests and hotel.



Network Convergence

The IRS Infotainment platform consists the following convergence : IPTV channels, IPTV System,  Digital signage, WiFi, switching, IP telefonie, Streaming Services, Movie Services, Full monitoring of all Services, statistics, this with a minimum on cabling.

Our platform is a closed circuit network on which IP related products are easily integrated. This allows the hotel to easily expand its services towards effortless connectivity across all platforms.


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