Hotel SMART IPTV Entertainment

Based on today's guest expectations and hotel value marketing & sales tactics.


Offer an exclusive Entertainment Platform to your guests and make them feel at home. Allow your guests to stream their own content (whatever's on their device) wirelessly to the big TV screen. With this feature your guests can easily watch their favorite series and films on their Netflix account. A platform where guests can get (live) news from all over the world, play games, enjoy their clips on YouTube or catch up on TV programs they have missed.


Informational & Promotion content

Give away your local "must see" experiences such as: local bars, restaurants, museums, attractions, taxi services and much more. Promote your hospitality services, facilities and special sales activities using the TV screen. Share all info and services with your guests.


Sales opportunities

Think out-of-the-box and allow your guests to make bookings or request services you would like to offer. Upgrade your service standard.





  • Video On Demand

  • Screen Sharing (BYOD)

  • SMART TV Apps

  • Digital Radio

  • TV Channels



  • Content Management

  • Customized Design

  • Info Pages

  • Request Services

  • Make promotions



  • SMART TV Apps

  • Room Management

  • Alarm Clock - Wake up

  • Bill view & Pay options

  • Weather forecast

  • RSS feeds

No matter what infrastructure you have

The SMART IPTV User Interface is a hybride system which means it works with every infrastructure you could possibly think of.


Coaxial / Docsis


Cabled Internet




Creative Service

A Guest User Interface designed and fitted to your brand. We manage and create your content, so you don't have to bother!


Tech Benefits

SMART IPTV - Not only made for entertainment and an extra marketing tool. Our system takes away hassle, saves on investments and extra work.

No Server.png

Cloud based - No server onsight

Our SMART IPTV User Interface is a cloud based solution which means you don't have to invest in on-sight servers.

GO GREEN! No print & ship costs

Throw away your on-desk leather ordners where nobody looks into. Now you have all of your info on-screen with just a few clicks. Saves time, money and your info is always up-to-date.

NO Printing.png

Network Cloud.png

It's all in the cloud...

Making changes on TV channels? No worries. With just a few clicks we can manage your whole network so you don't have to re-install the televisions.


No Set-Top-Box if there is a SMART TV

SMART TV? No Set-Top-Box needed! Saves space, money and stress... thanks to technology!


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