Customized Packages for Hotels

A vast number of television channels is the foremost standard of entertainment for your guests. Provide your guests with an allround and international selection of television channels and you’ll have them feeling right at home.

Hotel IPTV

IPTV has a wide diversity. IRS Hospitality is an expert in all forms of Hotel IPTV disciplines.

  • IPTV channels over fiber, satellite, internet

  • OTT TV channels over internet and WiFi

  • IPTV over Coax

  • Docsis

  • IPTV to DVB-x

  • Graphical User Interface and TV control

  • Casting for Android, iOS and Windows

Why TV Channels by IRS?

From DVB-x to IP transferred or not, your infrastructure won’t be a deal for us! We have all in-house expertise to deliver a seamless solution.

  • Expertise

  • A-Z installation and service

  • Flexibility

  • Budget and high-end solutions

  • Interest and focus on the solution with an eye on the future

Primium TV Channels

We can supply your hotel with an excellent content package based on your guest diversity. Besides serving your guests national and international channels, we also offer prime channels such as Fox Sports, Sports1, HBO and Film1.

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