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We are driven by technology and improving guest experiences. On this page you’ll find cool concepts and gadgets with great potential. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section under a product. You might be looking at your new product...


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We might be talking about new products.

Concepts & Gadgets

Feel inspired and feel free to give us your thoughts on one of the products.



Please Note :

What we post are concepts…

Some products are not YET available for hospitality use.




The concept of concepts…

We want your voice no matter what business title you have.

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Our love for technology and the hospitality industry

It’s all about passion. In the digital / technology age we live in we can do so much more for the hospitality industry. What we know :

  • Guests want an EXPERIENCE

  • We live in 2018, TECHNOLOGY is key for any business


We want to inspire you to improve on your guest’s stay and the hospitality industry.

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Find new business - Why we need you!

We are always looking for new idea’s, new products and new values. By listening to both positive and negative reactions, together we can create so much more for our industry both now and for the future.