Centralized AirPlay Solution

Creating a managable, time & money saving “Bring Your Own Device” Solution for the hospitality industry!

An unique feature

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is one of the top hospitality trends of today. For Android users, the Samsung Smart Hotel TV comes with a standard screen sharing feature called "MiraCast". Unfortunately, for Apple users, app-related content could only be shared thru Google's Chrome Cast or Airplay (purchased for each individual room) and thus too costly.

Fed by customer and guest comments on this subject, we knew we had to take it a step further. 

Catering to both guest and technical staff expectations!


Content casting on the highest level

Guests can wirelessly stream whatever’s on the screen of their iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac to their TV. It’s an easy way for guests to share photos, web pages, and Keynote presentations in dramatic, big-screen fashion.

Streaming YouTube and Netflix to the TV made our stay even more impresive!
— Guest Review

Centralized AirPlay Benefits

The larger your property, the more stress you have... IRS's Centralized AirPlay Solutions resolves it all!


Be in control - make it manageable!

Our main goal was to make a manageable system. With most systems, the first to report a malfunction is your guest, leaving you wondering if the fault is “just” in that room, on that floor or thru out the hotel.

Be in control! If there is a malfunction we’ll know it before your guest discovers it. Saving you time and stress while keeping your staff focussed on more important things.

Save on investment and time

With our Centralized AirPlay Solution guests can use the AppleTV via the network no matter which room they are in. By keeping an eye on user data we can expand our services when needed.

Most other systems require an AppleTV for each room... It’s not even a system, but a multiple of products requiring multiple actions and ongoing supervision. Now imagine you have 30, 100 or even 250 rooms; you will need to install and configure every AppleTV individually. With the Centralized AirPlay Solution we don't need to enter any room. Simple and efficient.




Compatible with

Our solution is exclusively build on the following platforms:

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