Samsung Hotel TV Repair Service - Removing the dust from our workbenches

From our very beginning in 1989 till 2006 (Grundig era) we used to repair the old “box TV’s”. But since the world changed to flatscreen TV’s we haven’t taken a single TV apart… until now!


TV’s Today

Modern TV’s on the inside consist of exactly 3 boards that you can change in no time test it, and you have the TV back in company in just a few minutes… it’s easy.

TV - Repair - Service - IRS - Hospitality

IRS TV Repair Service

• Samsung Hotel TV’s only (after warranty period).

• Pricing starts at € 50,00

• Warranty of 6 months

• Pick up and delivery service

• BeNeLux only

• Board Repair

• LED Repair

Any broken Samsung Hotel TV’s? Just fill out the form or give us a call and we will get to you asap.

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