How We Make Inntel Rotterdam Future Proof On A Cost Efficient Way...

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In recent years, WiFi has been one of the biggest challenges facing hotels. For guests, fast is not fast enough, and the quality of our content is only getting better and therefore greater. I mean guests are streaming services, surfing the web, watching 4K videos etc. and the development of quality will never stop!

The Hotel’s Wish…

• No rooms out of order

• No drilling

• No new infrastructure

• Faster WiFi

• Stable WiFi

• Perfect WiFi Coverage

Our Solution for Inntel Hotel Rotterdam

We use the hotel's existing infrastructure and place an Access Point on each room to tackle all the challenges mentioned above within 10 minutes (tops 15 minutes total installation time). As a bonus we also prepare all hotel rooms for IPTV, which will be executed in the near future.

Upgrading The Guest Experience For COAX Cabled Hotels…

With this solution we meet the wishes of the hotel which in turn meet the requirements of their guests.

Are you looking for a simple, professional, and money-saving solution for your coax cabled hotel? Then you are in the right place!

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