Why BYOD is Important to Hotels

Learn why Radisson, van der Valk and high-end Boutique Hotels are taking advantage on the Bring Your Own Device trend.

We still call it an extra service... but is it really? Streaming content is becoming the new standard, we are doing it everyday but we are not really aware of it. Let me give some examples of streaming services we are using on the daily basis :

  • Spotify

  • Videoland (for the Dutch)

  • Netflix

  • YouTube

  • Amazon Prime

Allow Guests to Stream Personal Device Content…

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Millennial Guests are Taking Over

Millennials (your new type of guests) are taking over the place. As statistics show 61% of Millennials (18-29 Y/O) are picking streaming services above cable TV networks.


  • Continue watching their content away from home

  • Watch content when desired

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How IRS contributes to content streaming

The past 2 years we have been doing 42 Content Streaming projects with 16 different kind of cases (technology solutions).

"Guests must feel home away from home" - is a widly heard quote in the hospitality industry and watching content on the big -in-room hotel TV screen is one of them.

  • Valueable entertainment during your guests stay so they "feel home away from home"

  • Watch TV channels which are not in your channel plan

“We can now even watch our Netflix from the bathtub, simply amazing” - Manzo’s guest review via Booking.com


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