The Benefits and Features of Hotel IPTV

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) something that we have been supplying to hotel rooms for more than a decade now, something which has gained lots of popularity in the recent years.

Some hoteliers and their technical staff KNOW what IPTV is - you can simply find it on the web.- But few people know the benefits IPTV offers to hotels - because all you find on the web is consumer related.

IPTV Distribution of TV within Hospitality Environments

Switching to IPTV - Often summarised as "going digital". In reality a very good analogue head-end, connected to a very good analogue network, will offer a very good analogue picture in the room. This analogue picture, when at its best, will be close to the quality of a digital picture on the same TV.

Switching to IPTV offers far more than a ‘digital picture’ for the guest.

But what is the real difference between analogue and IPTV... We have written down some interesting facts for you.


  • IPTV head end is a small and simple piece of hardware

  • Uses very little power compared to analogue hardware - Which saves money

  • Uses little rack space

Easy to manage, monitor and maintain

  • Completely controlled over distance

  • Easy to add a channel

  • Easy to track a problem

Diagnostics and Alarms

  • An IPTV headend is able to show when there is any malfunction so we can respond and act before you even know.

Some Examples:

  • Hardware Failure

  • Network Failure

  • Loss of Signal from the Dish

IPTV's stable quality

As mentioned above – it is possible to have a good picture in an analogue environment – but it rarely lasts. IPTV solutions offer a stable quality level to the in-room TVs. There is no opportunity for the signal to become degraded by noise, interference or network drifting. Once an IPTV network is established – it will maintain the high quality A/V experience over time.

Otrum Enterprise IPTV IRS Hospitality

Added Services

A large benefit from IPTV, is the ability to offer a huge range of powerful services, not available within analogue environments. Examples are: Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Audio language selections, and Subtitle selection. All resulting in a better service to the guests.

Audio is also carried in its native digital format all the way to the in-room TV, ensuring the guest experiences the audio as it were intended by the broadcaster.

Within an Otrum interactive environment, the IPTV solution allows for the implementation of live, real time content insertion within the TV viewing experience. This allows hotels and chains to build marketing messages and brand building to targeted guests – all while they are within a ‘lean back’ viewing experience in their room. This is perhaps the best time to carry across messages to the guests while they are relaxed and receptive to stimulating content.


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