Display Tip - Picking the right size

Which size should I choose? This is a very common question in our industry and could be a difficult task especially for stylish boutique hotels.

We have all been in the situation where you have a small 28” screen hanging on the wall in a massive hotel suite where the viewing distance is 7 meters or more.

Or even worse; that small room where you have a large 55” screen up and close, watching soccer with your head twisting for 90 minutes. Waking up the next morning with a stiff neck. This is not the way you want to entertain your guests.

We have made an infographic of the most sold hotel displays to guide you through the “hotel TV size stress.”

IRS Size Infographic3.png

Inch & centimeters







Diagonal in cm

71 cm

81 cm

101 cm

122,5 cm

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