500+ Monthly AirPlay (Apple Device) Users at van der Valk Oostzaan - Amsterdam

In September over 500 Apple Device guests have streamed their personal device content to their big TV screen at Van der Valk hotel Oostzaan - Amsterdam (125 room hotel). This number shows a massive growth compared to 15 months ago when we launched our Centralized AirPlay Solution at Van der Valk Hotel Oostzaan - Amsterdam.  

So what does this number imply ?

This number implies that the actual usage lies even higher. Keeping in mind that the Samsung Smart Hospitality TV is standard equipped with Android Screen Sharing, means that this option runs completely independent when activated by an android phone. Considering the generally known statistic that the market is dominated by Android users 88% against 12% iOS users, it is very safe to say that the number of content streamers is actually much greater.


Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/266136/global-market-share-held-by-smartphone-operating-systems/

Q2 2018 Mobile Devices

Van der Valk Airplay Guest review.png

Source : Booking.com Guest review van der Valk Oostzaan - Amsterdam

Translated : “ Apple tv, so you watch your own Netflix”

Centralized AirPlay Solution takes advantage of BYOD

Guests continue to show a strong preference for accessing personal content through their own devices (BYOD) rather than watching TV or browsing through a library of pay-per-view movies. TVs are therefor becoming more entertainment hubs, mirroring the content desired from personal devices.

At Van der Valk Hotel in Oostzaan, the emergence of the BYOD trend is a fact. The system usage analytics shows a strong increase in usage of mirrored content of personal devices. Therefor, we had to double the capacity of Centralized Airplay Solution and are expecting to double the capacity again within a year. As we mentioned earlier in our blog (Centralized AirPlay Solution proving great results at Van der Valk), Centralized AirPlay Solution allows your hotel to grow and adapt the system according to your hotel guests’ usage of BYOD. Which in this case saves you lots of hassle, time and money, while keeping your hotel guests very satisfied. 


Future of hospitality is all about the experience!

Looking at guest data- trends and technology, the future of the hospitality industry is crystal clear. It’s all about the experience. If you are still not convinced about in-room guest entertainment you are simply missing the plot.